Paul Hanly

Guitarist   Singer   Songwriter

And thus it begun...

Seek out some decent speakers or grab some yourself some headphones, find yourself some snug surroundings, press play and listen. You have discovered an artiste who finds solace in expressing the sometimes, inexpressible through his lyrics and lilting guitar lines.

Paul was brought up among a musical heritage which stems from the roots of country, celtic and folk, with a slight leaning towards jazz. With a melting pot of ideas, Paul set out on journey to discover his true ancestral musical roots, with a myriad of open tunings including a capo. After much dedicated perseverance with acquiring his multi-faceted guitar style, he turned his attention towards becoming involved in the recording and production processes. After acquiring a couple of Neumann microphones, he set out on a quest to record his debut E.P entitled Going Somewhere.

Musical Influences

His guitar influences are certainly wide ranging. Whilst being content playing some Merle Travis, he is also equally eager to bang out some percussion on his guitar with relentless vigor. Why not attend one of his gigs to find out what is going down, where guitar, bass and drums effortlessly emanates from one man and one guitar. Paul has a unique knack of integrating the guitar into his compositions, without ever sacrificing the inherent characteristics of the song. The guitar solo's are always melodic in character, and are a fine example of Paul's lyrical guitar quality, whereas the compositions on the E.P are certainly thought provoking, with a resonating quality which never fails to capture the imagination.

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